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Standard American Web was an idea that was contemplated among friends and family at a gathering. Sitting around the dinner table in a esoteric conversation. After several hours we realized that we had 5 design majors, 3 web development majors, and 1 individual with over 2 decades of experience in business management. Each having their own struggling business we decided to pool our resources and create one larger company. Hence the creation of Standard American Web.

Standard American Web is a design team of family members who decided to bring their skills and talents together under one location. We all strive together with a driven purpose,"Big, Beautiful,Websites" with user friendly functionality, while producing the best possible product with high quality results. We work with our clients personally to understand their online target audience and address their needs. What distinguishes us from others? We offer our guaranteed satisfaction and will continue to work aggressively to keep the customers fully satisfied.

Our goal is to have our clients love their final product so much that they tell friends that will tell a friend. Our products are affordable. We can offer the same quality for the small business owner as the large corporations. Standard American Web has been the leader in providing business a unique and profit-driven online presence for almost five years. We have also quickly become a popular destination for any business owner that realizes the value of having an online presence. We're quickly moving from the brick and mortar to a worldwide market. Since we value our customers, we are consistently committed to delivering value in our service, and to provide a partnership that is created when we host our clients web services, develop their site, market their product/service or simply give them advise.


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You can use Mobix for:

  • Creating a mobile website
  • Creating a mobile web app
  • Creating a mobile native app (integrated with solutions like phonegap)