Where Do You Start?

Our Simplified 5 Step Process

Choose A Design

GREAT! You have decided to allow Standard American Web help your business or organization to take its next step to growth and establish its new look. Your first step is to choose a web design and with hundreds of designs to choose from; Standard American Web is sure to have the design that is perfect for you. Don't worry. We have divided our design studios into categories for your convenience. Just click HERE. If you found a web design in one of our design studios; please Skip to Step #3.

Start A Custom Design

Did not quite see what you are looking for in one of the numberous web design studios we offer? We apologize, but we have great news for you! We are the best at building custom web designs. We just need you to answer a few questions. Click Our 20 Minutes Questionnaire to take the first step to a bigger, brighter future for you, your company, or organization. It only takes twenty (20) minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

Need Assistance?

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Additional Steps

20 Minute Questionnaire

Great, you have found your perfect web design. So let's gather a little information to assist our designers with seeing your vision. Please click HERE. The questionnaire takes approximately twenty (20) minutes to finished.

Need Assistance?

Call Us If You Need Assistance? We are waiting to hear from you.
1(877) 523-5573

Payment Options

Purchasing one of our designs in full is a quick & easy option. You make a down payment of $500 p/p. Upon completion of web design you will be billed for the difference. It's that easy. Just click HERE.

Financing offers several undisclosed benefits. We offer FREE 90 Days Web Hosting. You will need to make a $300 deposit plus processing. Monthly payments can start as low as $75 p/month. Make deposit payment.

Leasing Program. Our leasing program is a contract between SAW Design Studios and the client. The client receives all the benefits of having a website with additional extended programs without any additional cost. The client makes pays a setup fee of $200 and a monthly payment as low as $75p/m. You can pay your setup fee.

Our Same-As-Cash is a financing program that enables smaller businesses to afford features that would otherwise not be accessible. A down payment of $500 must be paid before work will begin. Monthly payments can be as low as $50p/m, but if client pays the balance prior to 180 days no interest will be charged to the project. Make deposit here.

Our NEW & EXCITING web design product. Our Build-Your-Own-Webpage is a program that took our developers eight (8) years to develop. It takes complex coding and converts into a very simple Drag N Drop web design process. You'll never believe how easy it is. You can literally build your own webpage in thirty (30) minutes. Click here for a FREE test drive.

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Call Us at 1(877) 523-5573 and let you know that you've completed the initial setup. The conversation will only take approximately five (5) minutes.