So you have got your website up and now you are ready to get some people reading it.

Tip #1: Write content that people are looking for and that is targeted to your website's purpose. Fill your website with high-quality information that serves a purpose and provides high value at the same time. People come to the internet looking for information, entertainment or to find the answer to a problem – do any combination of these three things on a regular basis and you are sure to have a hit on your hands.

Tip #2: Decide with a clear set of goals what you want to use your website for. Will it be to draw traffic to a service? To make money through affiliate marketing? To sell your own products? Or all of the above?

Tip #3: Get out there and let people know your website exists! I am not going to cover the dozens and dozens of ways to get traffic here. You need to build a plan you can follow and one that works for you. Understand that just because you build a website that does not mean people will automatically find it.

By Angela Willis

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